Shantoneel is a Bangladesh-born and Queens, New York-raised singer that embraces the rich cultural history and musical forms of Indian and Bangla traditions with modern instrumentation and contemporary dance rhythms. The music is influenced by Hindi, pop, bhajan, ghazal, semi-classical, folk, sufi, and Bangla traditions that eloquently convey the emotive lyrical content and meditative instrumentation constructed around uplifting, though spacious, beats. Moreover, the music fits into the world music and ethnic fusion genres rather aptly. Shantoneel’s vocal training began at the age of four from his mother in the 1980s, but Shantoneel has worked with a long list of prominent teachers over the years. While in Bangladesh, Shantoneel won numerous national awards from 1989-1991, including the heralded Anannya award given for exceptional talent promoted by Rabindra Sangeet Shammilon Parishod—the largest independent organization to promote Rabindranath and his works in Bangladesh. In addition, Shantoneel won several national awards in folk and patriotic music. Shantoneel’s versatile music-making stems from an inherent understanding of musical progression, composition, and cultural fortitude that ultimately showcases soulful songs created directly from the heart and soul. After arriving in New York, Shantoneel was trained by Indian music legends—Manna Dey and Shipra Bose. Academically, Shantoneel attended and graduated from a New York high school as valedictorian. Additionally, Shantoneel received an undergraduate degree in computer science. Notably, Shantoneel is the first and only singer to be invited into Bangladesh to perform as a paid guest artist from North America.

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